Saturday, September 10, 2011

Independence Returns at Microscope Galley

Microscope Gallery is celebrating its 1st year anniversary, with "Independence Returns" a title which reprises "Independence," the gallery's inaugural show.

The opening night ended with a live film performance by Bradley Eros featuring a condensed feature cut of "The Incredible Shrinking Man" in 8mm.  The performance itself became "The Incredible Shrinking Film" with the projector on a rolling platform, moving closer and closer to the screen -- or in this case, a little cardboard house onto which the image was projected -- so that the projection would get smaller, and smaller, and smaller.  Eventually the image was so small, and projector was so close to the little house, the film could no longer be seen by the audience.

The film performance was dedicated to the memory of George Kuchar, who did so many wonderful things within the smallest of cinematic gauges.


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  1. The microscope gallery looks like a cool place to visit. I will have to go one day.