Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Index Festival at Millennium Film Workshop

The inaugural edition of the Index Festival is in full swing.  At first glance the idea of holding an event August does not seem ideal; so many people using this time to go out of town to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  And yet the choice of putting on the Index Festival in August has the virtue of presenting fewer conflicts with other things happening at the same time, as is typical of the rest of the year.

At Millennium Film Workshop for "[Mis]Adventures in Manipulation" over the weekend.  Sounds and visuals by Shelley Burgon, Future Archeology, Twistycat, Liz Wendelbo, Carrie Gates, Byron Westbrook, Maria Chavez, MV Carbon, and Bruce McClure.  An added treat was live camera mixing (with vintage analog video equipment!) by E.S.P. TV

Coming up at Millennium on August 27th Index Festival presents "Colo(u)r Sound Culture Mash Up." See you there (if you don't already have plans to go out of town).


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