Monday, May 11, 2015

writing, writing, writing.

A backlog of articles I've written for Boog City that I'd been meaning to post on the Cine Soiree blog. Here they all are. Enjoy!

BOOG CITY: "A Camera, a 40-Mule Team, and Dancing Zombies: Lili White's Trip Through California Deserts" p9

* * *

BOOG CITY: "The Fantastical Faccinto: Depraved Delectations of Animation" p5

* * *

BOOG CITY: "Rising from the Tome: Writings from Cinematic Misfit George Kuchar" p31

* * *

BOOG CITY: "The Visual Music of Breaking the Projector: A Few Words with Oakland Filmmaker Huckleberry Lain" p31

* * *

BOOG CITY: "City of Silver Screens: Surveying the Experimental Film Venues of New York" p12


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Interview with Margaret Rorison

Interview with filmmaker Margaret Rorison, whose films include of "The Birds of Chernobyl" and "PULL/DRIFT." Part of the INCITE Journal of Experimental Media's Back and Forth interview series: