Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Index Festival at Millennium Film Workshop

The inaugural edition of the Index Festival is in full swing.  At first glance the idea of holding an event August does not seem ideal; so many people using this time to go out of town to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  And yet the choice of putting on the Index Festival in August has the virtue of presenting fewer conflicts with other things happening at the same time, as is typical of the rest of the year.

At Millennium Film Workshop for "[Mis]Adventures in Manipulation" over the weekend.  Sounds and visuals by Shelley Burgon, Future Archeology, Twistycat, Liz Wendelbo, Carrie Gates, Byron Westbrook, Maria Chavez, MV Carbon, and Bruce McClure.  An added treat was live camera mixing (with vintage analog video equipment!) by E.S.P. TV

Coming up at Millennium on August 27th Index Festival presents "Colo(u)r Sound Culture Mash Up." See you there (if you don't already have plans to go out of town).


Monday, August 8, 2011

Red Hook Cine Soiree - August 6, 2011

Another summer afternoon, and another Red Hook Cine Soiree.

The films and filmmakers were Cet Air La by Marie Losier, Summer Reading, pt 1 (When We Were Witches) by Jeanne Liotta, Eros c'est Lamour by Bradley Eros and Tim Geraghty, Portrait #2: Trojan by Vanessa Renwick, and a special screening of Entr'acte by Rene Clair, Francis Picabia, and Erik Satie with live soundtrack by Joel Schlemowitz's Krupnik Orchestra.


The "live soundtrack by Joel Schlemowitz's Krupnik Orchestra" consisted of instruments handed out to the audience to provide a live score.  A highly improvised undertaking, albeit with some conducting to indicate various cues in the film.  It's not the first time that an audience was given out instruments to make music for a film score: I recall a wonderful evening at Issue Project Room with The Parasitic Fantasy Band, which included one piece where Sam Hamilton handed out hand-percussion instruments, bells, and chimes to the audience members as part of the "live ephemeral expanded cinema and ecstatic 16mm/8mm film and sound performances."  The experience was a low tech version of "surround sound" -- the tinkling sounds emanating from everywhere around the room.

Of course the auditory results of little hand-percussion instruments are much different than what you get from our orchestra's array of instruments: a trombone, a french horn, a bugle, crash cymbals, a banjo, melodicas, flutes, drums, and various other highly noisy things.  A little video excerpt of the musical mayhem is posted below.

And later on, as the afternoon thunderstorms arrived, drinks at Sunny's.

Filmmaker websites:
Jeanne Liotta - www.jeanneliotta.net
Marie Losier - www.marielosier.net
Oregon Department of Kick Ass : Vanessa Renwick, Filmmaker - www.odoka.org
Joel Schlemowitz - www.joelschlemowitz.com