Monday, May 11, 2015

writing, writing, writing.

A backlog of articles I've written for Boog City that I'd been meaning to post on the Cine Soiree blog. Here they all are. Enjoy!

BOOG CITY: "A Camera, a 40-Mule Team, and Dancing Zombies: Lili White's Trip Through California Deserts" p9

* * *

BOOG CITY: "The Fantastical Faccinto: Depraved Delectations of Animation" p5

* * *

BOOG CITY: "Rising from the Tome: Writings from Cinematic Misfit George Kuchar" p31

* * *

BOOG CITY: "The Visual Music of Breaking the Projector: A Few Words with Oakland Filmmaker Huckleberry Lain" p31

* * *

BOOG CITY: "City of Silver Screens: Surveying the Experimental Film Venues of New York" p12


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