Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Secret Life of... Anthology Film Archives

A festive Secret Life screening at Anthology Film Archives: the once-every-calendar open screening for staff and friends of Anthology.  The evening finished off with birthday cake for Bradley Eros.

Secret Life is not really all that much of a secret: it's listed on the Anthology calendar and anyone can attend.  But despite its public listing Secret Life is almost always more of a private screening for those filmmakers showing work that night.

Bradley refers to a screening where the attendees are also the filmmakers as a "players only" event, which sounds more like a poker game.  I'm intrigued by this notion: what lies in between a public and a private screening?  Is the in between ostensibly a private screening into which some uninvited guests may have wander in?  Or how to characterize a screening where the public was invited but only the "players" attend?  Is this now a more of private screening through the happenstance of who shows up?

But that's all for now.  If you what to know more you'll just have to come to Secret Life yourself.  Won't tell you about what was shown that night -- that would be giving away the secret!


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