Monday, May 16, 2011

Projexorcism at Microscope

Projexorcism visits New York to do a show at Microscope Gallery with projections by Ed Cooper, and sound by Jacob Lunow and Rick Gallagher.  Four 16mm projectors activated by a lighting controller and suspended from bicycle chains which allow the images to move to different parts of the screen -- and off the screen entirely.  The title of the show:  "Spaceglue Continuum"

The projectors, threaded up with found footage films from Ed's extensive collection, are not all running all of the time.  One is on, then another, then two at once, then back to one, then three, then just one again, then another, then all four.  It's a dialogue between found footage films, with the soundtracks serving as the primary basis for an audio-visual cut-up poem.

For those who didn't make it to Microscope you can see documentation of some of their performances on the Projexorcism website.  But not exactly the same as being there.  While there was nothing "flowery" about the Projexorcism experience, the difference between the live performance and documented version is much like the difference between a flower in the garden and a flower that's been pressed between the pages in a book.  The juxtapositions of footage have a greater aesthetic tension when happening spontaneously in front of you, something you can feel in the room; the energy of the live performance.

The bicycle chain suspended projectors activated by Ed Cooper
to send the image floating around on and off the screen.


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