Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BYOK: Bring Your Own Kodachrome! at Microscope Gallery

At Microscope Gallery a packed house for an open screening of the last of the Kodachrome movies, organized by Stephanie Gray and Pip Chodorov.  Some lush, beautiful rolls of film by Moira Tierney, Jeanne Liotta, Lynne Sachs, Rachael Abernathy, Andrew Lampert, Joshua Lewis, Stephanie Gray, Jason Martin, Virginia Eubanks, Bradley Eros, Georg Koszulinski, Stefan Grabowski & Mariya Nikiforova, and Pip Chodorov, with some unannounced rolls by Sarah Halpern, Fabio Roberti, and Lary Seven at the end of the evening.

But the unexpected aspect was the large number of rolls shown that looked not at all like Kodachrome.  Expired stock people were rushing off to Dwane's for the last batch and getting back these bleached-out, pinkish images.  I joked with Pip, "So, do you think it would be better to shoot a fresh roll of Ektachrome or a stale roll of Kodachrome?"  And joked with Bradley, "Kodachrome, known for it's delicate, pinkish, desaturated color."

The evening ended with an impromptu birthday dinner celebration for Lary Seven!

Super 8, and regular 8!

Pip Chodorov & Stephanie Gray introduce the show.

A moment from Lynne Sachs "Morivivi" in regular 8mm.

Bradley reads "Koda Crows." His eulogy to Kodachrome.

Pip shot some Kodachrome that expired in 1980.
A ghostly pink image was the result.
Not exactly the lush color one associates with Kodachrome.