Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 at Flaherty NYC

A romantic Valentine's day at Anthology Film Archives with Flaherty NYC and A Show for Valentine’s Day - A Collection of Nine Love Inspired Shorts programmed by Penny Lane and featuring films and videos by Matt McCormick, Alison Kobayashi, Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghty, Peggy Ahwesh, Ben Coonley, Jacqueline Goss, Jodie Mack, and Lenka Clayton & James Price.


Quite interesting how the works flirted with the subject of romance and successfully avoided the pitfalls that can derail the filmic love poem: the saccharine and the schmaltzy. Humor (sometimes straight-faced at other times not) often seemed a key ingredient, but not always. And yet even with a many different approaches--from the lyrical, to the purposefully ambiguous, to the visually metaphoric, to the bombastic--there never seemed to be a cold cynicism towards romance in any the works selected. A show of film and video that takes a cynical view to the subject of romance would not be hard to put together, but would not be as appealing as this selection of work. It would likely seem "too easy" as a program, and the works themselves might also come across as "too easy" in such a context. But to make a non-cynical film about romance without creating something gooey? There's a challenge!


Drinks after the screening at the Scratcher. Cheers!

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